YCRP July meeting information

When: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Where: Valley Baptist Church (map)

Bowman Hotel, Pendleton

The meeting will feature a special election of three additional delegates, four "bonus" delegates, as well as possible alternates for those spots, to go to the State Platform Convention in Pendleton Aug. 23-24th.

There, along with the party chair, vice-chair and delegate, all newly elected special delegates will help form/alter/rewrite and determine what the current Oregon Republican Party's stands for for the next two years. Participants helping in the process will be from among all 36 Oregon Counties' parties.

Members will participate there in various committees. The platform is a written document encapsulating what the Oregon Republican Party collectively states that it stands for.


The current state party platform

2017 Oregon Republican Party State Platform (current) download pdf
YCRP Bylaws pertinent to July meeting
ARTICLE VIII. ORP State (Platform) Convention Delegates

Section A. Time and Place

  1. The Oregon Republican Party State Convention, also referred to as the platform convention, takes place each year in which a general election is held.
  2. The date and location of the convention is determined by the Chair of the ORP Central Committee.
  3. The purpose of the convention is to consider amendments to the party platform.

Section B. Delegates

  1. The delegates and alternates to the platform convention are the same as were chosen to represent the county at the ORP Central Committee meeting; i.e. the delegates and alternates elected at the Biennial Re-Organizational Meeting plus the YCRP Chair and Vice-Chair.
  2. In addition to these there shall be one “bonus” delegate awarded for every 5,OOO Yamhill County Republicans registered to vote in the statewide primary election.
  3. The “bonus” delegates and alternates are to be elected by the Yamhill County Republican Party Central Committee no sooner than 25 days after the primary and no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of the convention.
  4. Each “bonus” delegate shall have one vote at the convention. No proxies are allowed.

Section C. Vacancies

If a “bonus” delegate or alternate (there should be at least one alternate for each delegate) cannot attend the convention, the same rules governing vacancies at the ORPSCC meeting shall apply [Article VII, Section D (3)].