Yam County Commissioners meeting Thursday

"Racially sensitive" Sovalti company could be given $19k to train county workers to be "culturally responsive"

Solving or breeding division for a living?

Aug. 14—If the Yamhill County Health and Human Services Director has his way, the County will be dishing out $19,000 to help HHS staff "learn" in what may amount to be "white privilege" training.

According to Commissioner Mary Starret (R), "The term white privilege is loaded with political undertones."

She added: "Requiring staff to submit to these politically charged trainings is unacceptable."

Meeting agenda | Full backgrounder packet

This is one of two controversial agenda items set to be voted on at the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday.

It will be held August 15 at 10 a.m. in Room 32 of the Yamhill County Courthouse, 535 NE 5th Street in McMinnville.

SEE: Sample of Sovalti's curriculum for state workers

Apparently working under the assumption that people with darker pigmentation are of necessity broken, Sovalti has created a business to to tell ("counsel") others how to treat some people as inferiors, needing "healing."

Here's how Sovalti's website puts it:

"Our vision is for African American and biracial men, women, and children experiencing life’s challenges to have access to culturally responsive and trauma informed services, to enhance and encourage change and healing."

Five for the left? Can there be too many chefs?

Also on the Thursday Board of County Commissioner agenda is a proposal to create new leadership jobs to head the county. The proposal would have five County Commissioners, rather than the present three.

If approved by a majority of Commissioners, the issue would be sent to a ballot for potential voter approval.

Those wishing to testify on either issue, prior to the vote, can do so at the meeting.