White privilege and move for 5 elected commissioners

Commissioners by 2-1 vote pass Sovalti $19k political training; Proposal for 5 commissioner to be prepared for a ballot measure

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Yamhill County Board meeting Aug. 15
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Aug. 15—With a plethora of special interest left wing attendees organized by internal Yamhill County employees and at least one AFSCME union representative, two of three Commissioners approved a $19,000 contract with Sovalti from Portland.

The contract is for the firm to teach County Dept. of Human Services employees "sensitivity," to include that, if the employee is white, that the person is apparently inherently a racist.

Radical leftists from within and outside of Yamhill County's Dept. of Human Services stacked the audience to testify in favor of the political point of view being "trained."

Commissioners Rick Olson and Casey Kulla voted for the contract. Commissioner Mary Starret opposed.

At the same meeting, the same 2-1 vote took place that would approve creating two new County Commissioner positions, having a total of five, rather than the three at present. The ballot proposal would be written up and presented to the Commissioners at a future meeting.

Meanwhihle Tom Hammer from the YCRP gave impassioned testimony against the measure...

Here is Tom's prepared testimony:

Chair Olson and Commissioners Starrett and Kulla:

When my grandfather came to America 130 years ago, he was an indentured servant for two years, willingly, so he could learn the language and qualify for citizenship. Grandpa didn’t engage in fault finding with those that controlled the direction of his life. It was only through their privileged position that he could be given opportunity. White guilt is very popular right now with the roughly two dozen Democratic candidates for president. That emotion served the old Democrat party.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 stated it would provide equal opportunity to black Americans. Lyndon Johnson happily signed it candidly stating it could provide a pool of blacks voting Democrat for 100 years. Speaker and author Burgess Owens, a black 1987 Super Bowl Champion, said the Civil Rights Act did more to destroy the black community of his youth than any other single influence. Affirmative action programs coddled under achievers and denied opportunities to those who qualified on merit.

Burgess Owens wrote a book entitled “Whiners, Wimps and Weenies” to describe the blacks produced by this selfish lust for voters.

Fifty plus years later this legislation is recognized for its failure to deliver for anyone except leftists. Today, blacks are the least likely to assimilate successfully into the economy. The strong family structure of Burgess Owens youth now has 40% of blacks born out of wedlock. Democrats never cared about blacks, they just used them.

Today’s field of democratic candidates screaming racism are just prepping the battlefield to break down resistance from those who would stop the flood of Latino illegals and prevent them from becoming the new pool of democrat voters intended to replace the democrat working class voters the party is losing.

The strategy of using illegals to win elections has flipped California and Colorado. It may flip Texas and Arizona. Attacking white privilege in Oregon is insurance against the state being won back by patriots.

The first Americans, called Indians, lived in tribes. The strong tribes stole from and killed the weaker ones. Two slave markets existed in Oregon, even after statehood. At those markets, Indians bought and sold slaves. For instance, the Modoc’s sold Payuse slaves.

The price for a slave was one horse or three blankets according to Gale Onko in “Fire over the Ochoco”. The white culture overcame the tribal culture between 150 to 200 years ago. The evolution of civilizations in the near east and far east displayed this pattern for thousands of years. That was followed by and is not unique to white cultures.

The opposite of socialism/collectivism is individual freedom and opportunity. The Democratic Socialists of America had their convention two weeks ago.

They call each other comrade and talk of white privilege. They believe one’s station in life is static, not dynamic. Professor Paul Kengor in his book “Dupes” described the last hundred years’ strategy of the left to take this country socialist. Those advocating blood in the streets had to give way to those scheming to change the culture slowly.

Today we see both strategies at play to create the needed pool of illegal voters. White privilege programs chip away at cultural norms while shooting at ICE agents energizes the DSA faction.

Any program called white privilege is just part of a plan to advance socialism. If that falls into place, no telling where the next steps will take Yamhill County.

Recently, members of the European Union were guilted into taking a flood of Muslim refugees.

Those selling the idea were not doing so to benefit the host countries. The perceived act of humanity had badly unintended consequences in the streets of France and Germany.

Closer to home, leftists have resorted to violence in the streets of Portland, emboldened, perhaps innocently, by some in local elected office.