Who could have imagined?

President Trump returns God back into the public square

Wants to be known as "most praying President in history"

"In America, we don't worship government, we worship God" —Donald Trump

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition annual meeting in June, President Trump talks about the importance of God and faith in American culture, and asks for all the prayer he can get.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition is a group of values voters led by Ralph Reed.


President Trump receives prayer at Trump tower Sept. 2015


And he receives prayer in Las Vegas a week before election


The "Seven mountains"

A strategy for full cultural renewal
Lance Wallnau
Lance Wallnau

As a faith leader and businessman, Wallnau touts a "seven mountain" approach to free the culture from captivity of the anti-American, anti-God left. The strategy is designed to engage every aspects of the culture.